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6 common contact lens mistakes that can cost you your vision

6 common contact lens mistakes that increase your risk of developing a vision threatening corneal infection:

1. Over-wearing contact lenses:  Don't wait to change your contact lenses until they start to feel uncomfortable.  Stick to the replacement schedule your doctor prescribes. 

2. Not washing hands before handling contact lenses:  Make sure your wash your hands with an oil free soap before handling your contact lenses to remove any dirt, germs, or residue.

3. Not drying hands before handling contact lenses: Make sure to dry your hands after washing them.  Dangerous microorganisms in tap water can cause aggressive eye infections.  This is also why you shouldn't swim while wearing contact lenses.

4. Not using an approved contact lens cleaning care system:  Not all contact lens care systems are as effective at disinfection.  Avoid the temptation to purchase a cheaper generic solution.  Instead, use the care system the doctor specifically recommends for use with your brand of contact lenses.

5. Not replacing lens cases regularly:  You should replace your contact lens case at least every 3 months.  You should also be sure to clean and disinfect the case daily by rinsing with an approved contact lens cleaner and allowing the lens to air dry. 

6. Sleeping in contact lenses:  Sleeping in contact lenses increased your risk of developing corneal infection or inflammation by up to 5 times. 

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Don't let your child fall behind!

A recent study in the journal "Optometry and Vision Science" found an association between uncorrected astigmatism and reduced academic readiness in preschoolers. The study concluded that "the presence of astigmatism detected in a screening setting was associated with a pattern of reduced academic readiness in multiple developmental and educational domains among at-risk preschool-aged children. This study may help to establish the role of early vision screenings, comprehensive vision examinations, and the need for refractive correction to improve academic success in preschool children."

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